UPDATE 2022.03.31
Update Notes (03/31)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.25 update on 3/31.


■ Addition of Galaxy 5
 - Galaxy 5 is now open. 
※ Sectors 33 - 36 are now open.



■ Reorganization of Warship Carrier Event 
 - Event warship carrier has been reorganized.
 - Event warship carrier (10days) and tier up items will be given once missions are completed, 
   and your warship carrier can be extended through additional mission achievement.
 ※ You can only check the reorganized event on a new account created after the update on 3/31.
 ※ If you created an account before the update, it will proceed with the existing setup event.



■ Events
 - 2 new events are open


 1) Artifact Collection Event
  - You can collect ancient artifacts (event items) by completing given missions along with mission rewards.
  - You can submit the collected ancient artifacts to the Artifact Collector to earn rewards per level. 

  ※ The Artifact Collection Event starts on April 1, 00:00 (UTC).


 2) Cumulative Purchase Event
  - You can check out the Cumulative Purchase Event at the Premium Store (lower left tab).

  - You can earn rewards (per step) according to the Credits you earned from purchasing products during the event.
  ※ Credits obtained from 1+1 reward are excluded from the accummulation.


■ New Package Products
 - New Package products have been added to the Premium Store.


1) Module Up Package
 - Package consisting of base upgrade-related products


2) Start Battle Package
 - Package consisting of products that are prepared for battle.
 - It is sold every Friday - Saturday(UTC) , when certain conditions are met. 


3) Premium Start Battle Package 
 - an enhanced version of start battle package
 - It is sold eveey Friday - Saturday(UTC) , when certain conditions are met. 



■ Improvements and Changes
 - Name of the gift provider is displayed when sending gifts to Alliance members.  
(*You may turn on/off "Show name when purchasing package" Upper left screen > Admiral Info > option > System )
 - The main reward icon of Planet Takeover has been changed to Silthereum. 
 - The number of products displayed in the recommended package pop-up has been adjusted.
 - Resource Mining Planet Info now shows Warship Carrier Info. 
 - In-game UI(mail, council) has been improved. 
 - The start guide of the Cyrox Invasion Event has been improved. 
 - Abnormal accounts have been restricted. 
 - Additional measures to stabilize servers have been implemented.



Thank You.