Minted [Triple S] Reward Silthereums


TVL (Total Value Locked)


[Triple S] Disclaimer
By participating in the staking of [Triple S], each participating individual acknowledges and agrees that we disclaim all liability, loss, or expense associated with [Triple S] participation. If participants do not accept any of the following factors, they should not be taking part in the [Triple S].
Stated APR is based on the current year's minted reward.
Please refer to the following for the APR information on a specific period.
  • 34,560 Silthereum/day for 92 days
  • 69,120 Silthereum/day for 183 days
  • 103,680 Silthereum/day for 90 days

  • From 0.4 up to 1.2 reward Silthereum will be minted from the [Triple S] pool for every block created.
  • 0.4, 0.8, and 1.2 Silthereum are generated for every block created according to the reward schedule.
  • Claiming reward will be subject to a fee of 5% of the total amount claimed.
  • Staking, Unstaking, and Claiming can be done an hour after another action.
The First Rise of Stars DeFi Project
The Silthereum Staking Service ([Triple S]) is the first DeFi service where participants can yield reward Silthereum, a minted reward of [Triple S], by locking up their tokens in a staking pool.
Stake more Silthereum to yield more reward Silthereum."

[Triple S] is PoS(Proof of Stake) type DeFi in which participants can earn reward Silthereum based on their staked Silthereum in the staking pool. It mints 0.4, 0.8, or 1.2 Silthereum for every block depending on a set period.
It provides a strategic investment opportunity to participants by increasing the minting amount of Silthereum per block in 3 stages.
[Triple S] allows participants with the freedom to join a staking pool even with the smallest amount of Silthereum at any time.
Also, it is designed to remove user-risks associated with traditional staking (high minimum staking amounts, staking fees, and no reward claiming during the lockup periods).
[Triple S] allows participants to earn a percentage-rate reward over time based on the APR calculated by the share of staked Silthereum within the staking pool.

Incremental period-based reward
For every block generated, depending on a period, 0.4, 0.8, or 1.2 Silthereum will be rewarded among [Triple S] participants according to their share of staked Silthereum.
Depending on the service longevity, the total amount of Silthereum minted by the smart contract is predicted, increasing the corresponding staking reward up to x3.

The [Triple S] contract is set to automatically mint 25,159,680 Silthereum for 365 days:
  • 34,560 Silthereum/day for 92 days
  • 69,120 Silthereum/day for 183 days
  • 103,680 Silthereum/day for 90 days
Once [Triple S] begins, participants will be able to stake their Silthereum to gain dividend shares of newly minted reward Silthereum.
The minimum stake is 1 Silthereum with no maximum limit.
The staking deposit unit is 1 Silthereum with no applicable fees.
Participants may choose to stake additional Silthereum into the staking pool to increase their reward.

Reward Claiming
[Triple S] participants can check the amount of cumulative staking rewards available on the [Triple S] page.
Claiming will not affect the amount of your originally staked Silthereum and claimed rewards will be deposited in your WEMIX wallet.
  • Reward may be claimed once every one hour.
  • Claiming reward will be subject to a fee of 5% of the total amount claimed.
When tokens are staked, the total staked amount is locked up for 2 weeks.
The lock-up period will be renewed if tokens are staked additionally during the lock-up period.
ex) Staked 10 Silthereum on 22.04.01 : Unstake 10 Silthereum on 22.04.15
Staked additional 10 Siltereum on 22.04.02 : Unstake 20 Silthereum on 22.04.16
Unstaking from [Triple S] will return the total amount of Silthereum invested in the staking pool into your WEMIX wallet.