UPDATE 2022.04.14
Update Notes (04/14)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.28 update on 4/14.

Please see below for more details.



■ New Sectors Open in Galaxy 5
 - Sectors 37 - 40 are now open in Galaxy 5.



■ Planet Takeover Event Schedule Adjusted
 - The schedule for this week's Planet Takeover has been adjusted to allow more Admirals from different regions to take part.
 - 4/15 (Fri) 12:00 - 16:00 UTC  →  4/15 (Fri) 03:00 - 07:00 UTC



■ New Captain "Dopel Farber"
 - The new captain, "Dopel Farber" has been added.
※ This captain will be unlocked after meeting the requirements in the Sector Archive



■ New Products and Packages
 1) Captain Dopel Farber Package


 2) Dopel Farber Growth Package
  - This new package contains items you need to make your captain more powerful.
  - Products related to Captain Dopel Farber become available once you meet certain requirements.


 3) Premium Roll-Call
  - The Premium Roll-Call has been added in the Premium Store.
  - You can receive check-in rewards for up to 30 days after purchasing this product.


 4) Peace Growth Package 5
  - The new Peace Growth Package that can be used to protect your base has been added.



■ New Event "Unidentified Signal"
 - Investigate the unidentified objects that get generated randomly throughout the field.
 - Once you submit your Investigation Reports acquired through investigation, you can receive point rewards based on your stage.

 ※ More details on the schedule are available in the event menu.



■ 2 Silther Particle Events
 1) Silthereum Decomposing Bonus Event
  - You can receive bonus Safe Silther Particles after Safe Decompositions.
  ※ This does not apply to regular decompositions.


 2) Silther Particle Store Event
  - The Silther Particle Store is now open in the Event Center, where you can trade different items with Silther Particles.



■ Ranking Rewards Adjusted for Certain Events
 - Ranking rewards for the Planet Takeover and Journey of War events have been adjusted.

 1) Planet Takeover Event ranking rewards (Silthereum)



 2) Journey of War event ranking rewards
 ※ The existing rewards will stay the same, with Silther Particles added to the rewards.



■ Warship Carrier Tier-Up Costs Adjusted
 - The amount of Silther Particles required for Warship Carrier tier-ups has been adjusted.
 - The extra amount of Silther Particles have been sent to Admirals who started a tier-up for T3 Warship Carriers before the adjustment.
 ※ The extra amount has been distributed with Safe Silther Particles.



■ Perfect Mining Rewards for Silther Particle Planets
 - After a Perfect Mine of Silther Particle Planets Lv. 2 and above, you will now receive Safe Silther Particles in addition to the existing Perfect Mining Rewards.



■ Issue Fixes
 - Fixed the issue where the number of Victories in the Admiral Info screen showed up as 0.
 - Fixed the issue where the red dots in the Safe tab gets removed after receiving Premium Buff Rewards.
 - Fixed the issue where the remaining time of Shield buffs did not show up.
 - Fixed translation issues for certain languages in the Safe page.
 - Other minor bug fixes



■ Improvements and Changes
 - Sector > Search > Silther Planet is now only available for Admirals with VIP8 or above.
 - Change in the order of the tabs in the Premium Store
 - Ad-watching for security verification has been temporarily disabled.
 - The Bonus Credit in the Lobby now shows when it is available.
 - Warship icons now show the warship's tier and type.
 - Safe > Deposit confirmation window now shows the minimum deposit amount.
 - Credit requirements removed and mining points decreased for mining missions in the Journey of War, Sector Campaigns, and Admiral Events.
 - Higher tier Warship Carriers now have higher mining speeds.
 - Accounts with unusual activity have been removed.
 - Server stabilization


Thank you.