UPDATE 2022.05.30
Update Notes (05/30)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.35 update on 5/30.

Please see below for more details.


■ Sector integration in Galaxies 1 to 4
 - Sectors have been integrated in Galaxies 1 to 4 so more Admirals can enjoy ROS together.
 - Please also refer to the previously announced additional details for the integration through the announcement link.


※ Go to the Galaxies 1-4 Sector Integration announcement


 ※ Sector Integration Compensation
 - Rewards: Direct Teleport x 1EA, Nickname Change Ticket x 1EA, 10,000 Alliance Management Points, 50 Stamina, 100 Credits
 * The Sector Integration Compensation rewards will be distributed to accounts in Galaxies 1 to 4 created before the maintenance by mail.
 * The Alliance Management Points will be added to all alliances created before the maintenance.



■ New Package Products
 - New package products have been added to celebrate the Sector integration.
 ※ The new packages will be for sale in Galaxies 1 to 5.


 1) Resource Package / Resource Bomb Package
  - Get bulks of resources at shocking prices! The Resource Package and Resource Bomb Package have been added.




 2) R Captain All-in-one Package / SR Captain All-in-one Package

  - Go all-in on your favorite Captain! R, SR Captain All-in-one Packages have been added.




 3) War Prep Package
  - Sector integration means more competitors! And the upcoming Council Conquest!!
  This new package will prepare you for the battles to come.




■ Event
 1) Cumulative Purchase Event Reopen
  - Your chance to purchase credits and get additional rewards!
  - You can earn additional rewards depending on the number of Credit products purchased during the event.
  ※ This event is in the Premium Store > tab at the bottom left.
  ※ Only Credit products and Credits from package products count. (Bonus Credits are excluded)


 2) Cyrox Rally Attack Event
  - Cyrox Supply Bases have been identified after the Galaxy expansion.
  - Certain Cyrox Bases will be selected to become "Cyrox Supply Bases" when the event begins.
  - Cyrox Supply Bases are disguised as regular Cyrox Bases, and cannot be distinguished by their appearance. The only way to find out is by scouting.
  - The Cyrox Supply Bases have stronger defense fleets. If you succeed in an attack with a Warship Carrier, you can receive Silther Particles as a reward.



■ Adjustments to Rewards for Certain Events
 1) Planet Takeover
  - When the Council construction finishes and the Council Conquest begins in the Sector, the Planet Takeover rewards will change.
  ※ The Planet Takeover rewards will remain the same in Sectors where the Council Conquest doesn't take place.



 2) Dark Zone
  a. "Black Ticket" trade items changed
   - You can now obtain Dopel Farber Pieces or other resources.


  b. "Mystery Box" contents changed
   - You can now obtain Dopel Farber's Battle Data, other resources, or even Safe Silther Particles by chance.
  c. Ranking Rewards adjusted
   - Along with changes to the Black Ticket and Mystery Box contents, the ranking rewards have been adjusted in general.




■ Improvements and Changes
 - Power Lv. obtained from research changed to include the Power Lv. in the previous research level.
 - Fixed the issue where the "All" tab did not show up when there is an Admiral Waiting Approval.
 - Fixed the issue where Cyrox rally attacks were sometimes displayed as non-hostile approaches.
 - Fixed the issue where red dots sometimes did not show up in the Daily Missions tab.
 - Fixed certain parts of text appearing fragmented for Japanese fonts.
 - Silther Particle Planet NPC difficulty adjusted.
 - Module upgrade time adjusted for certain levels.
 - Other minor bug fixes and server stabilization.


Thank you.