UPDATE 2022.07.14
Update Notes (07/14)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 07/14 update.

Please see below for more details.


※ All images are from test servers.



■ Sector 43 Open
 - Sector 43 in Galaxy 6 is now open.



■ Improvements to Power Lv. Calculation and Display
 1) Current Status of Power Levels
  - The Power Lv. increase gained from construction or research was low compared to the resources and time spent,
    and the fact that the only aspect of growth for a Captain was to level-up made strategic gameplay difficult.


 2) Improvement Directions
  - The Power Lv. of modules and researches were buffed to allow players to feel a greater increase in their Power Lv. after investing resources and time.
  - The Captain's abilities now play a more important role so that Captains can act as a strategic element.
  - Upgrading a Captain's star-rank, skills, flagship, or initially obtaining a Captain now adds to your Power Lv. to emphasize the fun aspect of upgrades.

 ※ The changes to the Power Lv. calculation may result in a big difference in your Power Lv. but this is normal.
   (Changes may vary depending on the progress of your base)



■ Improvements to Admiral Information Display
  - Warship Carrier Power Lv. added in Admiral > [!] Power Lv. Pop-up
  - Links to Captain and Gear Forge added in Admiral > [!] Power Lv. Pop-up > Captain Power Lv. > Upgrade Power Lv.
  - Abilities that open certain features now only show up in the UI if you have that ability in Admiral > Info




■ New Packages
 1) Special Price! Silther Particle Package, Special Price! Silther Particle Bomb Package
   - New packages loaded with Silther Particles are now available.



 2) Specialized Resource Packages
   - Packages for Admirals in need of certain resources are now available in rotations.


  a. Mineral Package, Premium Mineral Package (Mon, Tue)


  b. Metal Package, Premium Metal Package (Wed, Thu)


  c. Trion Gas Package, Premium Trion Gas Package (Fri, Sat)


■ Improvements to the Package Tab in the Premium Store
 - The Package Tab UI in the Premium Store was improved.
 - 2 low-demand products are no longer for sale. (Warship Carrier Package, Battle Victory Pack)



■ New Items in the Silther Particle Store
  - 12 New items added in the Silther Particle Store



■ New Events
 1) Sector Campaign
  - The new Sector Campaign event is now open, where all Admirals in the Sector must join forces.


  a. Points
   - Every day, Admirals in the Sector must work together to complete 5 different mission stages to collect points.
    (* Points will only be counted for Admirals with Command Center Lv. 15 or higher)
   - All Admirals in the Sector will obtain point rewards and Sector buffs for reaching point reward milestones.
   - Additional rank rewards will be available after each mission stage, depending on the amount of contribution in points.


   b. Sector Buff
   - All Admirals in the Sector will get the Sector Buff when the point rewards are distributed.
   - Each Sector Buff for the point stage does not stack, but replaces the previous buff, and lasts until the end of the event.

  ※ Please refer to the event page for more details.



 2) S.O.S. Signal
  - The new S.O.S. Signal event is now open, where you can investigate beacons sending S.O.S. signals and collect rewards.
  - Scout the beacons that spawn on the field to attack or investigate the Illegal Warship or Wreckage to collect rewards.
  ※ Please refer to the event page for more details.



■ Improvements to Events
 - Attack and battle report mail messages are now combined in a single mail for events (Deserted Factory, Hostage Rescue, S.O.S. Signal)
 - The Location Info button was added to allow players to find the approximate location of Cyrox supply bases in the Cyrox Base Plunder event.



■ Improvements to Equipment UI
 - The Equipment UI was improved to allow players to see all Captains' equipment status at a glance.



■ Improvements to Sector Map UI
 - Field > Sector Map UI was improved.

■ Warship Carrier Lab
 - The Warship Carrier Status display in the Warship Carrier Lab was improved.



■ Cyrox Base
 - Cyrox Bases now do not attack in rallies.
 - The Power Lv. of Cyrox Bases was also buffed along with the improvements to Power Lv. calculation and display.
 (* For more details, please refer to the "Improvements to Power Lv. Calculation and Display" section above)

■ Improvements and Changes
 - Deploying to Elite Pirates changed from rally attacks to normal attacks.
 - Improved visuals for Admiral/VIP level-up and items in the purchase pop-up window.

 - A red dot now shows up when an Alliance's Planets have a chain buff that can be activated.
 - The upper part of the Info tab in each Module now stays fixed in place.
 - A Power Lv. increase animation now shows up when equipping a Captain or upgrading a Captain's skill, star-rank, or flagship.
 - Warships now have colors according to their tier in Warship Factory > Build Warships.
 - Changes to the text in the Delete Account menu
 - Increased the ratio of Lv. 1 Non-Safe Silther Particle Planets.


Thank you.