UPDATE 2022.08.29
Update Notes (08/29)

Greetings, Admiral.


Here are the details of the 1.0.47 update on 08/29.
Please see below for more details.


※ All images are from test servers.



■ Sector Integration
 - Sectors have been integrated to allow more Admirals to enjoy ROS together.
 - For more details regarding the integration, check the link below.


 ※ Sector Integration announcement



■ Premium Store
 1) New Package Products
  - 5 Packages have returned to the Store to celebrate the Sector Integration.
    (Resource Package, Resource Bomb Package, R Captain All-in-one Package, SR Captain All-in-one Package, War Prep Package)
  - The 5 Packages will be for sale for a week, starting from after the 8/29 maintenance.


 2) New Hyper Growth Check-In
  - This new check-in event will speed up your growth.
  - After purchasing this product, you can collect check-in rewards for up to 30 days.


 3) Consecutive Purchase Event
  - The Consecutive Purchase Event will be open for 3 days, starting from 8/30 00:00 UTC.
  ※ Bonus Credits for package purchases are included in the Consecutive Purchase.
  ※ Bonus Credits for 1+1 purchases are not included in the Consecutive Purchase.
  ※ Users who complete participation for every day can receive "Goal Rewards."



■ Reward Center > Hyper Growth Check-In Event
 - A new check-in event is now available. Don't forget to collect your rewards every day!



■ Event Reward Adjustment
 - Rewards were adjusted for the events below.
  ※ Events not included in the list below will have the same rewards as before.


 1) Cyrox Invasion (Alliance ranking rewards)


 2) Admiral Event (Ranking rewards)

 3) Journey of War
  a. Stage ranking rewards

  b. Total ranking rewards


4) Wheel of Destiny
 - Roulette reward of Non-Safe Silther Particles → Safe Silther Particles



■ Safe Silther Planet Ratio Adjustments
 - Lv.2 Safe Silther Planet ratio adjusted
 - Lv.3 Safe Silther Planet added



■ Improvements and Changes
 - Fixed an issue where infinite loading occurred when canceling Wemix login attempts.
 - Fixed an issue where Research Lab > Nocturn research progress was stuck at 80% even after completing the research.
 - Expired Warship Carrier pop-up will only show once.
 - Server stabilization


Thank you.