NOTICE 2023.02.23
Notice of Silthereum Burn (3/2 08:32 UTC completed)

Greetings, Admiral.


As a Play & Earn game, ROS is trying in various directions for
the increase in Silthereum value and its smooth circulation.


As a part of it, we've decided to burn a large amount of undistributed Silthereum
and to permanently remove them from the supply circulation by
transferring them to a designated wallet where withdrawals are not possible.


This is expected to bring positive impact to the Silthereum ecosystem and
staking season 2, which is scheduled to start on the 9th of next month.


We will inform you about staking season 2 later, so please give a lot of interest.
Please check below for detailed information about the burn.


■ Burn schedule
 - During March 2nd, 2023 (Thursday) (08:32 UTC completed)
* Additional information will be provided upon completion.


■ Burn contents
 - 8 billion undistributed Silthereum out of total 10 billion supplied Silthereum

 - Dead Wallet address :


We will continue to do our best to make you feel the joy of P&E.


Thank you.