UPDATE 2023.06.01
Update Notes (06/01)

Greetings, Admiral.


We are informing the details of 1.0.63 ver update made on 06/01.
Please check below for details.


※ All images are from the test server.


■ New content 'Warship Carrier Dispatch' added
 - A new content, 'Warship Carrier Dispatch' has been added,
   allowing you to dispatch Warhship Carriers within the Expedition Portal to perform requests.
 - Items such as Silther Check, Silther Check Piece, Silther Particle,

   and others can be obtained as rewards when the dispatch is completed.



1. Request List
 - 5 requests will be listed at once. When the current request is completed, the next request will be provided. 
 - List will be refreshed at 00:00 (UTC) every day, and you can refresh the selected request up to 20 times by watching advertisements.


2. Request Grade
 - There are a total of 5 star grades for requests.
 - Higher grades offer better rewards, but the requirements for dispatching become more demanding.


3. Request EXP & Level
 - You can obtain request EXP each time you complete a request. 
 - When the EXP reach a certain point, request level increases.
 - As the request level increases, the possibility of receiving higher grade requests also increases.


4. Request Slot
 - The more slots you have, the more requests you can proceed at once.
 - 1 slot will be provided by default, and 4 additional slots can be opened with Silther Check.



5. Warship Carrier Dispatch
 - You can dispatch the Warship Carriers you own to proceed the request you select on the list.
 - Dispatched Warship Carriers can still be used for other activities such as battle, mining, etc.
 - To send a dispatch, Warship Carriers must meet the tier requirement of the request's grade.
 - When the Warship Carrier type meets the request's requirement, probability of obtaining additional reward increases.
 ※ Unavailable for dispatch: Warship Carriers registered in NFT, Warhship Carriers in tier-up progress.
 ※ Prohibited actions during dispatch: Registering for NFT, Wahrship Carrier dismantling, tier-up related operations.



6. Dispatch Bonus & Special Dispatch
 - Dispatch bonus increases each time a request is completed. When it reaches 100, a special dispatch can be proceeded.
 - Special dispatch can be proceeded once a day (optional).
   All 100 dispatch bonus will be consumed, and it will provide 20% bonus to the probability of obtaining additional rewards.
 ※ Dispatch bonus will be reset to 0 only when a special dispatch is proceeded. It will not be reset even when the date changes.



7. Warship Carrier Return
 - Warship Carrier Return can be done by clicking the [Return] button within the ongoing dispatch request window.
 - However, if returned, dispatch rewards and additional rewards will not be given.
 ※ In the case of special dispatch, consumed dispatch bonus will not be refunded.



8. Request Completion
 - When the request progress time is fulfilled, it changes to a state where the request can be completed.
 - Upon request completion, rewards will be given. Also, addional rewards will be given depending on the probability.



■ Other Improvements
 - "Dispatched" status has been added in Warship Carrier Lab > Warship Carrier. 
 - Command Center level restriction descriptions has been added in Silther Particle Store > Item.
 - Fixed an issue where the phrase "Base Status" was not displayed for some languages.


Thank you.